Franchisee Support System

Franchisee Support System

You are not alone nor do you have to reinvent the wheel.
As a Prabodhan franchise owner, you are a part of the team that is focused on supporting your business with the best. We shall provide you the staff with the right training, tools and support. We are constantly updating and improving our system with the best available international concepts and have fine-tuned tools you will need to ensure your success in the project.

The Prabodhan Advantage

  1. A Nationally Recognized Brand
    • India's Oldest and Most Experienced Preschool Chain
    • 25 years of proven success - A well established Brand
    • 525+ PRABODHAN branches in India & Abroad
    • Delhi's No. 1 Preschool brand with 67+ branches in Delhi & NCR
    • Goodwill among the media resulting in easier media coverage for your preschool
    • Regular Coverage in National Print & Electronic Media
    • Extensive Online & Social Media Marketing on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Blogs, etc.
    • Fans on Facebook
    • Strategic use of Prabodhan in School Marketing Material
    • Prabodhan themed Events in your school, ensuring a good footfall in Children Fairs, Summer Camps, Baby Shows etc.
    • Unmatched Management Team
    • The industry’s most experienced & well known preschool management team
    • Owned and managed by highly qualified, award winning and foreign qualified management
    • 100% management focus on running Preschools & Senior Schools
  2. Parents No. 1 Choice!
    • Goodwill among the parents means they are willing to pay a premium for the Brand
    • Free Inter-branch transfer for children across India among Prabodhan Branches (subject to availability of seats)
    • Preferential Admission in Prabodhan Futuristic School - Our own CBSE 10+2 School Chain across India
    • Preferential Admission to Public School, Pinjore – One of India's leading Boarding Schools
    • Well known in the industry for high quality preschool, resulting in better results in formal school admissions
  3. Proven Curriculum & System
    • World acclaimed ' Prabodhan’ System of Education' based on 25 years of Research & Development
    • Continuous updation by the R&D Team incorporating the best teaching- learning practices followed world wide
    • Well-researched, child-friendly & attractive books, CDs and Circulars written & designed in-house exclusively for the benefit of Prabodhan ites
    • Our Renowned Activity Book -Pink Book - with over 3, 50,000 copies sold!
    • Centrally designed & developed Annual Calendar & Systematic Monthly planner for the entire academic session
    • Elaborate documents & guidelines for Morning Assemblies, Activities, Competitions, Celebrations, Annual Days, Sports Days, Excursions etc.
    • For activities – detailed teachers' instructions, noticeboard design and parent's circular provided
    • E-Learning Animation software to supplement teaching in the classroom
    • Evaluation Policy & Procedure and Guidelines including detailed observation checklist & Evaluation cards
    • Synergy - Our unique parent's & grandparent's participation programme
    • Nutritious Mid-Day meals designed by Nutritionists
  4. Branch Set-up
    • Overall Planning of the school’s building
    • Unique Prabodhan "Special Learning Areas" designs
    • Specialised in-house teams of carpenters, artists and painters to recreate the Prabodhan Interiors
    • Access to quality vendors for school requirements (furniture, soft toys, swings) at great value for money
    • Guidelines on final branch set-up
    • Elaborate Training on Branch set-up
  5. Rigorous Training & Recruitment
    • Assistance in recruitment of headmistress, counselors & teachers
    • Complete HR policies to ensure smooth functioning of the branch.
    • ShemDISHA - Our intensive in-house training programme for franchisees & headmistresses on more than 20 Topics by a team of expert trainers
    • Online training programmes
    • Onsite parents’ workshops
    • One-to-One Tele-Counseling of the teachers, if required
  6. Marketing Support
    • Intensive training on "101 ways to market your Preschool"
    • Design of marketing campaign for your branch.
    • Customised Prelaunch and Launch campaigns.
    • Professionally prepared advertising, promotional and marketing material, including prospectuses, brochures, newspaper advertisements, mailers, leaflets, banners, cable advertising etc. especially customised for your branch
    • Preparation of Press release & media invites.
    • Complete guidance in planning of events, annual function, sports day etc.
  7. IT Support
    • Free website design, hosting & updations
    • Free Email Account creation and management
    • Creation of video presentation & advertisement for your branch
    • Remote Hardware support
  8. ShemFAST (Prabodhan - Families And School Together) Our in-house developed School Management Software. The first of its kind in the world! Includes:
    • Enquiry Management
    • Students Management
    • Inventory Management
    • Inter-branch Communication
    • Notice Boards
    • Automated SMS sending facility
    • Fee Reminders
    • Birthday Alert
    • Photo Gallery
    • Design Gallery
  9. Ongoing Support
    • Regular visits to your branch
    • Dedicated Support Officer for all your queries
    • ShemTALK - Regular phone calls and video conferencing
    • Standardized formats to maintain school records
    • Regular feedback taken from all branches
  10. Vendors & Supplies
    • Since we have been launching 1 school per week on an average, we get bulk discounts which are all passed on to you!
    • Vendors provide ongoing support since they look for regular business from our group
    • Easy sourcing of books, uniform, office stationery, report cards, diaries, souvenirs, marketing material, brochures etc.
    • Easy purchasing system through our own software
    • Inventory Management for your own stocks

It's plain business sense - The children win, our franchises win, we win.

10+2 School Franchise

Prabodhan and Prabodhan Group of Schools is a renowned name operating in the field of education that offers the best franchise benefits to its franchises. With over 525+ branches spread across India, Nepal and Bangladesh, Prabodhan is the oldest chain of Preschool running in India. Prabodhan Futuristic Schools is the 10+2 School Chain operating under the purview of Prabodhan Chain of Preschools. The Senior School Chain has marked its presence over 17 States and Union Territories across the country with 100+ branches, within a span of merely 5 years. The 10+2 school chain has a record of opening 1 school per week for past few years. Due to this reason, Prabodhan has made a remarkable entry into the Limca Book of Records 2013 for ‘Most Schools Launched in Shortest Time.

Why Prabodhan?

By being a Prabodhan Futuristic School franchise, one can reap the following benefits:

  • Well Established Brand-Allowed to use the brand name of Prabodhan, a chain of 10+2 schools, which is owned and supported by India’s First Playschool Chain- Prabodhan.
  • Association with a Research Based Organisation- Benefit from a thorough education system based on 25 years of research and experience.
  • Assured Success and Promising Future- Gain from a proven successful franchise model since 1991.
  • Parent’s Preferred Choice- Due to the brand image, parents are readily willing to pay for the Brand.
  • Prabodhan’s Support System-
    • Training
    • Recruitment
    • Operational Support
    • Curriculum Design and Support-ShemEduMAX(TM)
    • Purchase Savings
    • Advertising and Promotion Support
    • Continuous Product Development
    • Branch Set-up
    • IT Support
    • Marketing Support
    • Vendors & Supplies

Other Information

Prabodhan Diary
The diary, a comprehensive guide to the school practices & regulation, having details regarding school fee, annual calendar & birthday celebrations is given to each child.

Prabodhan Diary
The diary, a comprehensive guide to the school practices & regulation, having details regarding school fee, annual calendar & birthday celebrations is given to each child.

Prabodhan Playschool Uniform
In order to create a feeling of equality amongst children, a colorful uniform has been chosen for the children. The school uniform is available from the school.

Prabodhan Playschool Transport System
The school transport facility is available. Though adequate care is taken for the safety of the children, the school is not responsible for any accident, mishap or injury that may occur in or around the school premises or during travel. Rickshaws and autorickshaws are not approved as means of school transport. Parents are requested to send a written note if a child is to be sent back with any other guardian not introduced before.

Prabodhan Playschool Procedure for Withdrawal
One month notice in written is required to withdraw the child from the school.